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Artesia Performer

12,500.00 EGP

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The sleek, elegant design of the Artesia Performer is both eye-catching and practical for players in their beginning stages. It is equipped with 88 touch sensitive, semi-weighted, full-size keys in a lightweight, space saving design. Weighing just under 20 lbs., it is the perfect setup for piano mobility. The functional design with only a few buttons allows users to easily choose from one of the onboard sound samples and start playing within seconds! The power adapter is included, so simply connect your piano and begin playing right out of the box with zero setup. The Performer is MIDI compatible and can be connected to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. See for yourself why the Artesia Performer digital piano is the top choice for piano teachers and hobbyists, alike.

  • Dynamic Sound

    Equipped with 88 touch sensitive and full-size keys, the semi-weighted feel of this keyboard offers a dynamic response with an incredibly natural touch to allow beginners optimal playability. The 3D sound samples recorded from acoustic instruments will amaze you with their high-quality, rich tones. Choose from one of the twelve instrument voices on board.

  • Responsive Feel

    The semi-weighted action and velocity sensitive keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano right to your fingertips. It is also possible to adjust the key sensitivity to fit your playing style. There are 3 different velocity touch settings to help satisfy every style of practice or performance. Split, Layer, and Lesson modes allow players to configure the keyboard for creative or instructional use.

  • MIDI

    Connect to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to allow for countless musical opportunities! With the USB to Host MIDI port, you can connect your piano to an assortment of learning apps and digital audio workstation (DAW) software to allow users the opportunity to engage in learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Record a song directly from the Performer Piano straight to your laptop!

    • Soft Touch Spring tension Action for a feel that is heavier than a synth touch but lighter then semi-weighted action
    • Rich three layer grand piano sample for realistic grand piano sound
    • Built-in dynamic stereo 4 speaker sound delivery system
    • Compact, lightweight (19 lbs),
    • Easy Operation
    • Full Connectivity to Keyboard Amplifiers, Studio Monitor Speakers, PA’s etc.
    • Can be used Headphones for Private Practice
    • USB to Host and USB/MIDI for easy connection and operation with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and other USB devices
    • Compatible with music apps, learning software and DAW integration
    • Can be used on Batteries or with the included Power Adapter












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