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Yamaha GM2F51,52,53

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Gigmaker drum sets are available in two basic configurations and a range of colorful sparkle finishes that you can choose to match your musical and visual style. These high-value sets come with a matching snare drum and Yamaha double-braced hardware, as well as matching wood hoops for the bass drum.

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Glitter Colors

Vibrant, eye-catching sparkle color variations deliver stage-worthy appearance that you’d expect from high-end models.

Double-braced Hardware Legs

All Gigmaker hardware has cleared Yamaha’s severe quality and durability tests. Double-braced construction ensures maximum stability, minimizing the possibility of potentially damaging or hazardous falls.

Matching Wood Bass Drum Hoops

The same type of wood bass drum hoops used in our high-end models are supplied with Gigmaker sets. The wood hoops are color-matched to the drum shells for consistently classy looks.